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The Finance department is responsible for ensuring the financial health of the municipality, from long term planning of capital and operating expenditures, to collections and billing of taxes and accounts payable. Included are payroll and utility billing, insurance monitoring, and management of permissive tax exemptions, tax sale and audit requirements, and provincial government reporting.

The Financial Department provides financial guidance and support to all departments working within the municipality and assists to identify funding for projects and initiatives directly related to priorities identified in the Official Community Plan.

Additional functions and responsibilities include:

  • Property taxation and collection
  • Utility billings and collection
  • Payroll, pensions and benefits administration
  • Financial planning, budgeting, annual reporting and municipal investing
  • Grant Applications
Our Document Library contains Finance Specific documents. Click HERE to be redirected to the Finance Department document list.

Infrastructure Upgrades

The town is using a combination of increased taxation, government grants and existing reserves to continue making necessary improvements to capital infrastructure.