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A question to Golden:
It’s been just over a year since we joined the province-wide system for recycling collection and processing managed by Multi Material BC.  

MMBC has sent out a letter to all the community partners after a year in the system.  We’d like you to read it and perhaps give us your thoughts on the following:
The MMBC system provides for ‘bonus’ payments to municipalities who essentially churn out more recyclables from their curbside programs. The more you collect and turn in, the higher the bonus. It’s a way to encourage recycling. 
Now, we’ve always been of the impression that in Golden we do pretty well. Every two weeks, most people’s blue bins are pretty full.  And we thought we’d do well at this bonusing game. But here’s the reality – when you look at the MMBC chart in the letter – in the past year Golden hasn’t even made it halfway to the total amount of recycles per household to make the first of 4 bonus levels!
It was MMBC’s expectation to collect no less than 135kg/yr of recycling from each household.  In 4 municipalities in the central Okanagan in 2013 they were already collecting between 140 – 190kg/yr per household.  So why in Golden are we only at 86kg/yr???!!!
Is it because we as citizens are not recycling what we should be, throwing recyclable materials into the garbage? Or are we simply not as consumer driven as others in the province - we consume less, and therefore recycle less?
We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter! Please click here to read the letter, then visit the Town of Golden page on Facebook to post your comments!