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Clean up efforts continue throughout Golden and Area A after the very intense wind storm on July 23, 2017. There are still multiple power outages and trees down around our community, as well as private and public property damage.

In recognition of both Golden and Area A residents undergoing clean up and incurring costs associated with the wind storm, disposal fees will be waived for all residents bringing woody debris from their properties as a result of this uncommon weather event.

Residents bringing woody debris to the land fill should check in with the attendant upon arrival to let them know the debris is related to the wind storm. Free disposal of storm related woody debris will be accepted until August 13, 2017 in order to help all affected residents clear their properties.

Anyone having already dropped off storm related woody debris at the landfill is encouraged to contact the CSRD at 250-833-5950 for a full refund.

Homeowners are responsible for removal of downed trees and debris on their property. Town Public Works crews continue to be very busy working with our contract arborist and BC Hydro to assess and clean up the damage. The first priority of the crews is to restore power and remove trees from power lines.

Following that, the arborist will cut fallen trees out of roadways too dangerous for our staff to clear and then undertake hazard assessments of our municipal facilities including parks and the Rotary Trails network. Once it is safe to do so, municipal crews will work on removing debris from public areas and boulevards and will follow with street sweeping.

We expect this work to take several days and we appreciate the public’s patience as this clean-up effort continues.

Please be advised that the Rotary Trail network and our public parks are closed until they can be assessed for safety and cleaned up. We will advise the public when the trails and parks are safe to use again.

Homeowners are urged to use caution on their properties, being sure to check for anything that could come down and cause damage or injury.

For more information on power outages, please contact BC Hydro or visit their website at