First batch of bear-resistant garbage bins roll out this week Print Article Font Size
With Spring in full swing, Bears and garbage are once again an item of concern in the community.

In keeping with our commitment to reducing human-wildlife conflict in Golden, we are moving toward replacing all of our residents’ green garbage bins with a form of lockable bin that is highly bear resistant, a tactic now used by a majority of communities in North America that experience ongoing bear incursions in urban areas.

Together with our working partner VP Waste Ltd. we will roll out the first 400 of the new bins in the Golden Mobile Home Park and Alexander Park neighbourhoods beginning on this week’s pickup dates.

The bins are Town owned and issued and like the green bins, are registered specifically to each civic address.  Residents in these neighbourhoods will have their green bin emptied and then replaced at the curb with the new one.

“The bins are being rolled out in phases so that we can pull the costs out of and replenish reserves as we go,” says Town of Golden Mayor, Ron Oszust. “In addition, by using a phased approach we can determine if the bins will be functional for our needs. If they work well, next Spring there will be another deployment of 400 bins.”

The Town is aiming to have all municipal garbage bins replaced with bear-resistant models by 2020 using a specific capital reserve to offset the cost. 

“Our deployment strategy is to target traditionally problematic areas first with the least problematic areas receiving their bins by 2020,” says CAO Jon Wilsgard. “Priority deployment areas are entirely based on years of research by the WildsafeBC Program and the recommendations of the local Conservation Officer Service.”

The Town will still rely on the teachings of the local WildSafeBC Bear Aware Coordinators and new bylaw language and enforcement to educate residents with the hopes that they will continue to take steps to ensure bears do not have access to their garbage.

The Town of Golden has for over 10 years invested in an annual WildSafe/Bear Aware seasonal coordinator to educate the community, implemented a more regimented and timed waste collection service, ensured zero accessibility by bears to public garbage receptacles, and steadily removed fruit trees from public lands. 

“While somewhat costly, these bins are another tool we can use to effectively chip away at lessening conflicts with wildlife,” says Oszust. “We will be expecting improvements to this condition through the proper use of these new bins and less forgiving to those residents who still manage to experience bear problems because of their own actions or inactions.  Above all, a change to human behaviour is what is needed to reduce human-wildlife conflict.”

If residents require more information or assistance with the new bear-resistant bin, please contact: WildSafeBC Community Coordinator for Golden at 250-290-1222/250-344-4855 or the Town of Golden at 250-344-2271.