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work-in-lagoon-crop.jpgAt the 2016 Union of BC Municipalities conference, the Federal and Provincial governments announced that Golden has been awarded $622,500 through the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF) to complete the work on our Community Sewer System Improvements project.

The CWWF program targets projects that will contribute to the rehabilitation of both water treatment and distribution infrastructure and existing wastewater and stormwater treatment systems; collection and conveyance infrastructure; and initiatives that improve asset management, system optimization, and planning for future upgrades to water and wastewater systems.

“The Government of Canada recognizes that a solid partnership with all orders of government is integral to supporting infrastructure projects that create good, well-paying jobs that can help the middle class grow and prosper today,” said the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities. “I’m very pleased that the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund is benefitting the Town of Golden by helping to improve the efficiency of the wastewater systems and to protect the area’s rivers and lakes.”

The federal government is providing 50% of this funding, while the provincial government will invest 33%, allowing the Town of Golden to contribute only 17% instead of the typical 33%.

“With the province’s involvement in the new Clean Water & Wastewater Fund, we are ensuring that communities throughout British Columbia have access to funding for critical infrastructure projects so that they and their residents can continue to thrive,” said the Honourable Peter Fassbender, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development. “Upgrades to the Town of Golden’s sewage treatment plant means residents can enjoy enhanced treatment capabilities, increased capacity, and a healthier environment through reduced greenhouse gases for years to come.”

The funding will go to Sewage Treatment Plant upgrades that will help to reduce energy consumption, increase system capacity, enhance treatment capabilities and reduce odour/green house gas generation.

“We are grateful that the Federal and Provincial Governments have selected Golden as a funding recipient for the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund,” said Town of Golden Mayor Ron Oszust. “This represents the quiet work that Council and staff are continuously doing seeking out grant opportunities to make necessary improvements to our core infrastructure of water/sewer and roads.”

Mayor Oszust noted that the sewage treatment plant represents critical infrastructure utilized by every resident and business.

“These improvements will provide great value to the community, and reduce our impact on the environment.”

Improvements to the Sewage Treatment Plant lagoons include the installation of liners and new aeration systems for the two remaining ponds. The liners mitigate the risk of wastewater seeping into the ground or river – particularly when water levels are down as that is when there is the greatest risk of seepage.

The aeration system is a network of piping that circulates oxygen through the ponds. Replacing the system will improve the treatment process and reduce odour generation.

The pond lagoons are supplied by air blowers which will also be replaced under this grant award.

For more information on the CWWF and to see images of the work being done here in Golden, click HERE. More information on the CWWF can also be found at: and by following these links: Federal infrastructure investments in British Columbia, Investing in Canada, the Government of Canada’s new $120 billion infrastructure plan