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December 19th, 2016 – 9:00am

Since Friday, the ice jam in the Kicking Horse River has shown considerable signs of stabilizing.  Aerial and ground assessments by authorities have confirmed the river water has successfully channeled through much of the ice between the canyon and Columbia River confluence.
While shore ice continues to build in the mid and upper levels of the Kicking Horse Canyon, there is no evidence of other imminent ice floes at this time.
Colder temperatures continue to produce floating frazil ice which remains a concern and it is evident that there is a restrictive flow point near the confluence with the Columbia River, but authorities have determined there is no longer cause for immediate concerns.
The slight warming trend expected this week is anticipated to continue assisting the river to maintain and stabilize a channel through the ice.
Excavators stationed along the river banks have been removed today and the alley behind 9th Avenue North in the downtown is now re-opened for public access.
Monitoring of the river will continue as any large scale swings in temperatures could result in a change of conditions and renewed preparations for any potential threats.
Public safety remains a priority and people are encouraged to keep a safe distance from the Kicking Horse River as sudden movements of ice and materials within the river are very possible and unpredictable.
Additional updates will be provided as the situation changes.

Jon Wilsgard
Town of Golden
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Kyle Hale
Golden & Area Emergency Program Coordinator