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Over the past weekend, the Town of Golden once again experienced two significant ice-floes from the Kicking Horse River. Ground assessments have confirmed all ice is holding well within the dike walls, river flow is steady, and there are no immediate threats to the existing dike infrastructure.

Authorities from the Golden and Area Emergency Management Program, the Town of Golden, Ministry of Transportation, Emergency Management BC, RCMP, Golden Fire Department, and Golden & District Search & Rescue are all aware of the situation and presently monitoring the river in partnership.

“Yet again the Kicking Horse River has been subject to an ice jam at this time of year,” states Mayor Ron Oszust. “This year’s situation is comparable to the 2013 ice jam, with less volume and limited frazil ice. This event is much more favorable to the 2014 event as the larger chucks of ice are easier for heavy equipment to move if the water and ice threaten the top of the diking infrastructure. Water is presently within dike walls but we continue to monitor its presence over top of the ice.”

The 7 day forecast is relatively unchanging; warmer weather would provide a more favorable condition for the water to better channelize through the jam.

Public safety is a priority and people are encouraged to keep a safe distance from the Kicking Horse River as sudden movements of ice and materials within the river are very possible and unpredictable.

The regional dike inspector and flood assessor have been asked to visit the area.

Additional updates will be provided as the situation changes. To view the original press release, click HERE.

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own of Golden
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Kyle Hale
Golden & Area Emergency Program Coordinator