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Have you ever wondered what the team at Golden Fire Rescue does when they are not out putting out fires and attending rescue situations? Read on to learn about this very important department.

A little about GFR
  • Your fire department was founded in 1898. We’ve operated out of our fire hall at 1107 11th Ave. S. since 1977. Our roster currently has 18 members, from all walks of life and of all ages.
Who are your Golden Firefighters?
  • We are business owners, Town employees, workers in the hospitality industry, and more. Everyone brings a little of their own expertise to the group. 
What does Golden Fire Rescue do?
  • We respond to fires of all kinds (structure, vehicle wildland) in the Town of Golden, highway rescue, medical first response, confined space rescue and low angle (embankment) rescue. We’re here to help in many ways. In fact during a recent power outage, we were called to free two community members from one of the change rooms at the swimming pool.
How do we train?
  • All required training (a blend of theory and practical) is provided, either on Tuesday practice nights, occasional weekends or at recognized training institutions.
  • Members of the fire department recently participated in a day of rope rescue training – a specialized skill used to rescue patients, typically in motor vehicle crashes, from down embankments. 
GFR and the community
  • This year, GFR hosted a group of Leadership students from Golden Secondary School. Many of these were exchange students from Germany, the Ukraine and Switzerland. The students donned full firefighting gear, including breathing apparatuses, used fire hoses & nozzles and tried our hydraulic auto extrication tools.
  • The department also hosted a group of German high school students for a tour & some firefighting fun. We all learned a little something - what a great experience.
  • Earlier in the year, GFR was honoured to host Golden's Beaver group in our fire hall. The youngsters were shown around and tried out some of our specialized equipment like thermal imaging cameras, which allow firefighters to find patients and fires in dark smoke filled rooms.
  • Golden Fire Rescue also recently participated in the second annual CPR Wars, a fundraising event to bring CPR instruction to locals We honed our skills, had a little fun and helped raise money for a great local cause.

“Being a part of the team at Golden Fire Rescue is not only rewarding in the vital emergency services we provide to the residents in and around Golden along with the skills we learn, it is also an incredible opportunity to forge friendships unlike any others,” says Town of Golden Fire Chief Dave Balding.
 Interested in joining this team of dedicated members? Call 250-344-6401, drop by the fire hall during business hours or visit our web page at